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Increase loading capacity and drying efficiency. Power and fuel saving. 4. Reduce uneven moisture grain. ... Increase drying efficiency and save fuel. Increase holding capacity. 4. Multiple air flows ensure high winnow ... TD - 6 Portable moisture tester for paddy and wheat. TD-6 Portable moisture tester for paddy and wheat. contact Govind Mill Store in Nagpur Paddy Dryer in Nagpur Vidharbha.
Listed parameters and drying rate are for reference only and in accordance to grain with initial and target moisture content as following: Paddy: 26% to 15%, wheat and maize: 30% to 12.5%. Actual value varies in correlation to ambient temperature, relative humidity, grain variety, hot air temperature, moisture content before and after drying. Maize Dryer, Paddy Dryer, in Nagpur Vidharbha. Contact Govind Mill Store